Making readers experience the censored Internet.


Self-censorship to stop censorship.

Turkish government was trying to pass a new internet law — a law that allows authorities to erase any internet content within 4 hours, even without a court order. Radikal, one of the major newspapers of Turkey wanted to raise awareness about the law. Yet we only had a few days to create a strong impact.

We wanted to create an early demonstration of how the internet would look like under this law. For three days, the political news on the Radikal’s website faded out within 4 hours, turning newspaper’s website into a page of censorship.

The victory.

The Fading News instantly became a sensation with a huge support from journalists, celebrities and politicians. People started to erase their social media posts, photos, videos, articles and turned the campaign into a social movement.

This movement played an active role in making people's voice heard. And alongside with all the other reactions, lead to a revision in the law.



Cannes Lions - PR: 2 Gold Lions
Cannes Lions - Media: Silver Lion, Bronze Lion
Cannes Lions - Cyber: Shortlist
Cannes Lions - Direct: Shortlist
D&AD - White Pencil, Creativity for Good: Wood Pencil
One Show - Interactive: Shortlist
Eurobest - PR: Bronze
Eurobest - Media: Shortlist
New York Festivals: Digital - Finalist
Golden Drum - Digital: Silver Drum
Golden Drum - Media: Shortlist
Golden Drum - PR: Shortlist
Crystal Apple Awards: 4 Crystal Apples, 2 Silver Apples
Mixx Awards: Grand Prix, Gold, Silver
Felis Awards: 3 Felis Awards


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