Creating a hit song using the tyre data.


Music made out of the product performance.

Vredestein is a premium tyre manufacturer with a strong focus in design. Our challenge was to make the brand more appealing to younger audience. In order to do so we decided to use a territory they are already interested: music. We created a project that transforms cutting edge performance of Vredestein tyres into a music performance.

We captured the driving essence of Professional Racing Driver Carmen Jordá on Vredestein Tyres. More than 400 GB of data was gathered from different aspects like rotation, speed, acceleration, breaking, steering, handling, aquaplaning and wind tunnel. Then the data was transformed into MIDI files and used by world’s number 1 DJ Hardwell as samples to create his new song: United We Are.

We filmed a music video for the launch of the campaign in the snowy mountains of Chile, uniting Carmen’s driving experience with Hardwell’s music performance. 


A making-of documentary was released to give more information about the project.


The detailed story of how tyres used to create the song and different assets of the campaign was brought together in a platform called rocktheroad.com

Through this website we created an interactive experience that allowed the viewers to create their own remixes and make customized music videos for sharing.

Art direction of the project was designed to capture the essence of data, driving and music. 



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