A series of product demonstrations that proves superiority of Elan translation tools.



David vs. Goliath

Elan Languages is a great, but relatively unknown, translation service. They're dwarfed by the big guys like Google Translate and Bing Translator, so we decided to go head to head with the competition in little translation experiments.




Promise the Translation

Epica - Films & Series: Silver
Epica - Humour: Bronze
Eurobest - Interactive: Shortlist

Taste the Translation

Cannes Lions - Cyber: Silver Lion
Cannes Lions - Film: Bronze Lion
Cannes Lions - Direct: 3 Shortlists
Cannes Lions - Titanium and Integrated: Shortlist
Epica - Digital: Grand Prix
Epica - Consumer Direct: Gold
Epica - Telecommunication & Public Services: Silver
D&AD - Digital Marketing: Wood Pencil
D&AD - Branded Content & Entertainment: Wood Pencil
Eurobest - Interactive: Silver
LIA - Digital: Silver
One Show - Social Media: Silver Pencil
One Show - Film: Bronze Pencil
New York Festivals - Direct & Collateral: Silver
New York Festivals - Film: Bronze
Clio - Direct: Bronze
Clio - Engagement / Experiential: Bronze
WPPED Cream - Digital: Winner


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